This is my current computer setup:

Monitor: 15 in. TARGA SVGA running 800x600 @ 85 Hz, 32-bit color. (I think my next purchase will be a larger monitor)

Printer: Epson Stylus Color 740

Scanner: UMAX Astra 1220U

Midi Tower Unit: AMD XP1800 @1.56GHz (overclocked), 60Gb HDD, 256Mb RAM, GeForce 2MX video, CD Writer, DVD-ROM 1.44 Mb FDD & Internal Modem (56Kbs).

My computer


This is a history of my computers:

1981: Sinclair ZX81 (1k)

1983: Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k)

1984: Commodore 64 (64k)

1985: Toshiba MSX (64k)

1989: Commodore Amiga A500 (512k later upgraded to 1Mb)

1990: Amstrad PC2086 - 8086-8MHz, 30Mb HDD, 640k RAM

1992: 1st home built PC - 486SX-25MHz, 105Mb HDD, 4Mb RAM

1994: 2nd home built PC - 486DX2-66, 540 Mb HDD, 12Mb RAM

1997: 3rd home built PC - IBM 6X86-P166+, 3.1Gb HDD, 32Mb RAM

1999: 4th home built PC - Pentium 2 - 350MHz, 8.4 Gb HDD, 64Mb RAM

2001: 5th home build PC - AMD Athlon 1.06 GHz (o/c'd), 45 Gb HDD, 256Mb RAM

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