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Hello and welcome to my web site. Last updated 11 May 2004. Changes include: new photo galleries for Lundy, the African eclipse in 2001 and also my old school photographs - try and guess where I am !

Map of the UKHi, I'm Peter Hill and welcome to my new, and hopefully improved, web site. If you've visited before you will have noticed a few changes. The main changes being the additional photo galleries and other information updated where necessary.

I live in the village of Whitchurch which is on the southern outskirts of the city of Bristol. With a population of over 400,000, Bristol is the largest city in South-West England. The arrow on the map shows its position. There are pictures of Bristol on the photo gallery pages.

I dabble in many things including amateur radio (callsign G0DRX (it's a zero, not an "oh", by the way)), photography, computers and astronomy which are described in more detail on the other pages in this site. The name of the website domain (draxium) has no meaning as far as I know, I made it up using my callsign letters as a basis.

Another of my interests is travel, mainly around Europe in the summer. I have also travelled outside Europe on a number of occasions: 

  • Indonesia in 1988 to see a total solar eclipse. 
  • West coast USA in 1995 for a holiday.
  • Curacao (Caribbean) in 1998 to a total solar eclipse.
  • Zimbabwe in 2001 to see a total solar eclipse. 

As you can see, I like travelling to see eclipses. There are some eclipse pictures on the astronomical and Africa photo gallery pages - also an eclipse video.

 I also travel regularly to Lundy Island with the South Bristol Amateur Radio Club. There are many pictures of Lundy in the photo gallery pages.

Please take time to visit all the pages on this site and e-mail me with any comments. Use button on the menu bar but please remove the spam filter from my address.

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Web site first created: 15 November 1997. This version created: 09 June 2000. Last updated 11 May 2003. 

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