Pictures of Lundy Island 1990 - 1995
May 1990

The track from the Landing Beach

In the Barn - operating GB2BLE

The antenna system for GB2BLE

The North Light

Rocket Pole Pond
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The Earthquake

Lundy West Coast

Lundy East Coast

Lundy East Coast Looking North

The Old Light
Li90006.jpg Li90007.jpg Li90008.jpg Li90009.jpg Li90010.jpg

View From The Old Light

The Aerogenerator

The Track Through The Village

In The Marisco Tavern - 1

In The Marisco Tavern - 2
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In The Marisco Tavern - 3

View From The Barn

Looking North Towards The Old House

Looking Towards The Landing Beach And Mouse Island

On The Way Home
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May 1991

Climbing Down To Quarry Beach The North Light The South Light The Devil's Lime Kiln - 1 The Devil's Lime Kiln - 2
Li91001.jpg Li91002.jpg Li91003.jpg Li91004.jpg Li91005.jpg
The Village From St. Helena's Tower - 1 The Village From St. Helena's Tower - 2 The North Light Lundy North-West Coast View From the Old Light -1
Li91006.jpg Li91007.jpg Li91008.jpg Li91009.jpg Li91010.jpg
Outside The Old Light View From The Old Light - 2 The Oldenburg The Quarters Returning home - Lundy in the distance
Li91011.jpg Li91012.jpg Li91013.jpg Li91014.jpg Li91015.jpg

 July 1995

Lundy South End The Village From St. Helena's Tower The East Coast East Coast From The Landing Beach The Beach At Low Tide
Li95001.jpg Li95002.jpg Li95003.jpg Li95004.jpg Li95005.jpg
The Landing Beach And MS Oldenburg Jenny's Cove The Oldenburg and Rat Island Millcombe Valley The East Coast
Li95006.jpg Li95007.jpg Li95008.jpg Li95009.jpg Li95010.jpg

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