Pictures of Lundy Island 1996 - 1998
June 1996

Government House

Millcombe House

Rat Island

Lundy - West Coast

Lundy - East Coast
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Lundy - East Coast

The North Light

Lundy - West Coast

Jenny's Cove

Lundy - West Coast
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Inside St. Helena's Church

Inside Government House
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July 1997

The Old Light At Sunset The Marisco Tavern The Linhay Millcombe Valley Looking West Looking Towards Government House
Li97001.jpg Li97002.jpg Li97003.jpg Li97004.jpg Li97005.jpg
The MS Oldenburg The Oldenburg At The Landing Bay The Landing Beach Lundy - East Coast The Landing Beach And Rat Island
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Fishing On The Jessica-Hettie On Top Of Rat Island - 1 On Top Of Rat Island - 2 Rat Island Returning Home - Lundy  East Coast
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 July 1998

On Board The MS Oldenburg The Blue Bung The Old Light - From The Air Lundy Looking North - From The Air - 1 Lund Looking North - From The Air - 2
Li98001.jpg Li98002.jpg Li98003.jpg Li98004.jpg Li98005.jpg
Lundy Looking South - From The Air Lundy West Coast - From The Air The Landing Beach The Landing Bay The Lundy '98 Group Outside Old House South
Li98006.jpg Li98007.jpg Li98008.jpg Li98009.jpg Li98010.jpg

 July 1998 - More Pictures From The Air

Copyright © 1998 G M Spinney (G0IFF)

Lundy From The Air -1 Lundy From The Air - 2 Lundy From The Air - 3 Lundy From The Air - 4 Lundy From The Air - 5
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Lundy From The Air - 6 Lundy From The Air - 7 Lundy From The Air - 8 Lundy From The Air - 9 Lundy From The Air - 10
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