Pictures of Lundy Island - July 1999
Government House Construction of the jetty The Landing Bay East Coast - Quarry Beach East Coast - 2
Li99001.jpg Li99002.jpg Li99003.jpg Li99004.jpg Li99005.jpg
East Coast - 3 East Coast - 4 West Coast - The Devil's Slide Construction of the jetty Bob on board the Jessica-Hettie
Li99006.jpg Li99007.jpg Li99008.jpg Li99009.jpg Li99010.jpg
The Jessica-Hettie Soay Sheep at the North End Out for a walk Bob and Mike on the Landing Beach At Rocket Pole Pond
Li99011.jpg Li99012.jpg Li99013.jpg Li99014.jpg Li99015.jpg

Digital Camera Photos

Copyright © 1999 M Turner (G0MEM)

Heading for the Landing Beach The jetty construction rig Inside Government House The Old Light at sunset Inside Government House
Ld99001.jpg Ld99002.jpg Ld99003.jpg Ld99004.jpg Ld99005.jpg
Assembling the radio antennas Inside Old House South The Old House and Hotel St. Helena's Church Inside St. Helena's Church
Ld99006.jpg Ld99007.jpg Ld99008.jpg Ld99009.jpg Ld99010.jpg
Going down to the Landing Beach Results of a recent landslide Constructing the jetty Matthew operating GB2BLE Inside the shop
Ld99011.jpg Ld99012.jpg Ld99013.jpg Ld99014.jpg Ld99015.jpg
John with Julia flying a kite The Landing Bay The "JCB" The snorkeling group Steve operating GB2BLE
Ld99016.jpg Ld99017.jpg Ld99018.jpg Ld99019.jpg Ld99020.jpg
Mike outside The Old Light Sunset from The Old Light Matthew and myself with a portable radio tranceiver at the Old Light Steve and Ian at the North end At the North end - 2
Ld99021.jpg Ld99022.jpg Ld99023.jpg Ld99024.jpg Ld99025.jpg
At the North end - 3 Steve's family at the North end Mike and a bird he picked up At Lundy North end looking South Kirsty and Ian at Rocket Pole Pond
Ld99026.jpg Ld99027.jpg Ld99028.jpg Ld99029.jpg Ld99030.jpg
Kirsty with the one that didn't get away At Rocket Pole Pond Rescuing a lamb that fell in Julia and Matthew The Battery
Ld99031.jpg Ld99032.jpg Ld99033.jpg Ld99034.jpg Ld99035.jpg

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