SBARC QSL card - showing a replica of John Cabot's ship "The Matthew."The South Bristol Amateur Radio Club (SBARC) was set up in 1983 at the Whitchurch Folk House Although primarily intended for radio enthusiasts in the south Bristol area the membership extends to many miles around.

In order to operate a transmitter it is necessary to hold an amateur radio license. Currently there are three classes of license: Foundation, Intermediate and Full. Each license class allowing different privileges.  

The SBARC runs courses throughout the year for the Foundation license. Each course, with an exam at the end, runs for about 12 weeks.

The club has HF and VHF equipment which members may operate using the club's own callsign, G4WAW or GX4WAW. Demonstrations of the equipment can be given to any interested visitors.

For more information please go to G0UQT's Official SBARC Website at

For the past few years the SBARC have operated in VHF National Field Day. This is a contest which basically involves contacting as many stations as possible within a 24hr period whilst set-up as a portable station. Points are calculated according to the distances involved. The more distant stations are worth the most points. One of the items of information that must be exchanged with the other station is the locator, which comprises of six alpha-numeric characters. The SBARC normally run their contest stations from Dundry, the local high-spot to the south of Bristol. For example, the locator for Dundry is IO81QJ. When both locators are entered into a suitable computer program the distances and points are calculated.

At the Dundry VHF-NFD contest site

Operating the contest station

 The contest information is sent to the adjudicators and the station with the most points is the winner. The SBARC are normally in the middle area of the results table.

The SBARC meet regularly throughout the year at 7.30pm each Wednesday. Visitors and new members are welcome.

The address is : Whitchurch Folk House Association, Bridge Farm House, East Dundry Road, Whitchurch. BS14 0LN.

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